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Three-Web Double Angle Valve

- The valve seat, the seal and the valve body are designed with 3D systems to ensure accurate mechanical couplings, maximum efficiency and stiffness as required under the perforations.

- The valve seat and the body are made of special steel, heat treated to improve durability and safety also at high pressures and operating temperatures.

- The springs are provided in stainless steel.

- The polyurethane seals are mechanically machined to double angle, to prevent fluid leakage and are available with compound for temperatures between 77°C - 90°C and mixed with high temperature comprised between 90°C - 130°C.

- Available for the costumer, both complete kits, individual components and tool assembly seals.

- Kit code F1010AG Low temperature 77°C - 90°C (see PDF file)

- Kit code F1010AF High temperature 90°C - 130°C (see PDF file)

- Code F1015AE for tool mounting gaskets (see PDF file)

Components are manufactured completely in Italy.

Three-Web Double Angle Valve

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