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Steel Plate

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carbon structural steel plate

pipeline steel plate

weather resistance steel plate for welding   structure

hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistant   steel plate for petrochemical engineering

high strength low alloy steel plate

bridge construction steel plate

boiler and pressure vessel steel plate

automative frame steel plate

high strength low welding crack   sensitivity steel plate for hydro pressure pipe

high strength wear resistant steel plate

quality carbon structural steel plate

mould steel plate

teel plate for military use

ship building and offshore oil platform   steel plate

high rise building structural steel plate



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Main application

boiler   and pressure vessel steel plate


Q245R-Q370R 12MnNiVR 16MnDR   SB410,SB450,SB480 SPV235,SPV315,SPV355 SPV410,SPV450,SPV490   SGV410,SGV450,SGV480 SBV1A,SBV1B,SBV2,SBV3 H I,H II,10CrMo910,15Mo3 (S)A299M   (S)A516M(Gr.60,65,70) P235GH,P265GH,P295GH P355GH,16Mo3,13CrMo4-5   10CrMo9-10,11CrMo9-

GB713 GB19189 GB3531 JIS G3103 JIS G3115   JIS G3115 JIS G3118 JIS G3119 DIN17155 ASTM ASME EN10028-2 EN10028-2   EN10028-2 NF A36-205

Used for reactor, heat exchanger,   separator, spherical tank, liquefied gas tank, nuclear reactor pressure   vessel, boiler, liquefied petroleum tank, high pressure pipe of hydropower   station, spiral case of water turbine.

high   strength low alloy steel plate


Q345(A,B,C,D,E) Q550(D,E),Q690(D,E)   SM490(A,B,C),SM490Y(A,B) St44-3,St52-3,St50-2 StE315,StE355,StE500   A572M(Gr42,50,60,65) S275(JR,JO,J2),E295,E335 S355(JR,JO,J2,K2)   43(A,B,C,D,EE), E355(DD,E),E460(CC,DD,E) E550(DD,E),E690(DD,E)

GB/T1591 GB/T16270 JIS G3106 DIN 17100   DIN 17102 ASTM EN10025-3 EN10025-3 BS4306 ISO4950-3 ISO4950-3

Used for drilling machine, electric wheel   dump truck, mine car, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, hydraulic   support and other structures.

Corrosion   resistant steel plate


Q550NH Q295NH Q355GNH   S355J2W,S355J2WP,S355K2W A588(A,B,C,K) Cor-tenB,HIC钢,08Cu,16MnCu


Used for all kinds of parts work under   atmospheric environment and the corrosive gas or liquid.

bridge   construction steel plate


Q235q-Q690q(C,D,E) A709M(Gr36,50,50W,70W)  


Used for riveting, bolting and welding   structures of highway and railway bridges (sea-crossing bridge included).

building   structural steel plate


Q345GJ(B,C,D,E),Q460GJ(C,D,E)   SN400(A,B,C),SN490(B,C) 355EMZ,450(EM,EMZ)

GB/T19879 JIS G3136 BS7191

Used for pillar and bearing beam of   industrial and civil buildings.

Alloy   structural steel plate


15CrMo,20CrMo,30CrMo SAE4130   25CrMo4,34CrMo4,42CrMo4

GB/T11251 ASTM EN10083-1

Used for various of structures and parts,   such as boiler superheater header of power plant, large diameter pipe   structures.

Mould   and wear resistant steel plate


SM45-SM55,SM3Cr2Mo SM3Cr2Ni1Mo S45C-S55C   45-55 50Mn-65Mn

YB/T107 YB/T107 JIS G4051 GB/T711

Used for all kinds of plastic mold, high   mirror mold, formwork and wear-resistant parts of engineering machinery and   equipment.

Automotive   structural steel



GB/T3273-2005 and technical specification  

Used for automotive frame(cross beam、Longitudinal beam.

carbon   structural steel plate


08-70,20Mn-45Mn SM400 S10C-S55C St37-2,St37-3   40(A,B,C,D,EE) (S)A36,(S)A283 A830(1006-1060) S235(JR,J0,J2,K2) C22-C45   1010-1050

GB/T711 JIS G3106 JIS G4051 DIN 17100   BS4360 (ASME)ASTM ASTM EN10025-2 EN10083 BS4360

Used for various of steel riveting,   bolting, welding structure.

Ship   building and offshore oil platform steel plat


A,B,D,E,A(H)32-F(H)32A(H)40-F(H)40   A(H)420-E(H)420 A(H)690-E(H)690 AQ43-EQ43,AQ70-EQ70 A131Gr(A,B,D,E,CS) API   2W(50,60),API 2Y(50,60) S355G10+N,S355G8+N


Used for the hull, offshore oil platform,   the platform tube joint and other structures.

High   strength and toughness steel plate


GS80,28Cr2Mo(GY4), 26SiMnMo(GY5)   30CrMnMoRE(603) 30CrNi3MoV(675) 921A

GJB1946A GJB1496A GJB31A GJB31A GJB1663

Used for pressure shell, deep submergence   rescue device, high-pressure structure, aerospace equipment, armored vehicles   etc.

pipeline   steel plate


L245-L555 X42-X80

GB/T21237 API

Used for crude oil and natural gas   transmission pipeline manufacturing.

Clad   steel plate


TU1/20g 0Cr13Ni5Mo/Q235A 0Cr13Ni5Mo/16Mn

GB13238 GB8165 GB8165

Used for linear accelerator cavity,   cyclotron cylinder, chemical containers, high pressure wear-resistant pipe of   hydropower station and other structures.

TU1/20g 0Cr13Ni5Mo/Q235A 0Cr13Ni5Mo/16Mn

GB13238 GB8165 GB8165

Used for linear accelerator cavity,   cyclotron cylinder, chemical containers, high pressure wear-resistant pipe of   hydropower station and other structures.

nuclear   power steel plate


20MnHR,A48CPR,16MnD5   SA533,SA738,P265G,HP295GH,P355GH

RCCM2000+2002 NCA3800+ND、NC、NF2000 NCA3800+ND、NC、NF200

Used for important equipment   manufacturing of nuclear power.

Steel Plate

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