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Calibration Services

- Calibration  is a comparison of something to a standard. when a measurement device is calibrated it's compared to an accepted standard and adjustments are made if necessary

- it bases the procedures on the manufacturer's procedurs 

- it is a longer, more detailed process resulting in a calibration report that gives a pass or a fail for each specific function. they adjust a device that does not meet the spcifications 

- it is not one that you can not test. incorrect measurements can cause lost time and money and could result in undetected hazardous conditions. whether they use the equipment in laboratories, factories on-site or even at home the must be calibrated regulary 


Pressure gauges pressure transducer, pressure transmitter, pressure recorders, Pressure weight indicators, tong line pull system, platinum resistance thermometer (digital & dial) (permanent & Onsite All types of thermocouple thermometer with digital indicator, All types of closed volumes (incubator, Baths, Refrigerator, Freezer, Autoclave, dry oven and muffles ). 

Hydrostatic pressure test 
Choke manifolds, BOP 'S, Gate Valves Stand pipes, Hoses, Coflexip hosesPipes, fittings, flanges, Tanks, Vessels, Safety Relief valves, Direct loaded valves, Pilot valves, Mud pump Retsco valves.

Calibration Services

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