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Rig commissioning & recertification service

- STC General Trading & Petroleum Services Co. offers its experienced assets managment services to the drilling industry through it's profile and practical experience by it's experienced team along i order to acchieve the clients' goals and expectations.

- We commit to provide the complete range of prducts and services in this project matching the international standards we own our experienced team with the latest technologies the tools and equipment in use to accomplish the projects expectations 

- we are in partnership with the OEM Company, a leading global investment firm with deep history in oil & Gas industry. together we commit to provide a qualified services and expertise to the oil and gas industry reflecting our reputation and services continuity we provide the required services of the Rig CAT-IV inspection and recertification work activities as per (Appendix B) following the international standards and industry requirments 

- Job will be accomplished by our own partnership within the time frame set by both companies work in details as  identified in the attached XL sheet with all the required information's with a summary of CAT-IV inspection, Sandblasting & Painting ( 3 coats painting ) and recertification of Rig equipment. Major equipment inspection & recertification under the OEM authorization or equivalent authorized agency & Coordination with OEM / Authorized company ( API  Approved )
for mast, substructure, mud pumps Recertification of Engines under authorization Major mechanical overhaulling without the spare parts Major electrical overhauling including the VFD without the spare parts.

Rig commissioning & recertification service

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