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HVAC (PART1) with HAPExce AutoCAD Manual Calculations

HVAC (PART1) with HAPExce AutoCAD Manual Calculations

Course Outline

  • Discuss some thermodynamic for heating and ventilation fundamentals that will be the basics of that course 
  • Analyze the psychometric chart and learn how to use it 
  • Design the thermal loads for any project with the manual calculations 
  • Learn how to enter the standard handbooks like ASHRAE 
  • Use the Excel software to design the thermal load calculations automatically 
  • Apply with a practical project to calculate its total thermal loads with Excel 
  • Learn all the required details about the HAP software to implement your HVAC project automatically 
  • Design the air terminals system required for your HVAC project 
  • Design the Ducts system required for you HVAC project 
  • Learn about the direct expansion HVAC system and its different types 
  • Learn about the chiller HVAC systems and its different types 
  • Design the chiller system required pumping and piping systems 
  • Learn about the chiller system required controlling systems and valves

Refund policy

You can cancel your booking and refund your fees before course start date by 48 hrs.