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IADC Well Sharp for Surface BOP Awarness Level

IADC Well Sharp for Surface BOP Awarness Level

Course Outline

  • Day 1
    • Introduction. Passport presentation. Complete form
    • BOP Stack Configuration and Side outlet valves
    • Diverters
    • Ram type preventer
    • Blind shear preventers
    • Marine Riser System
    • Annular preventer
    • BOP test and Equipment
    • Inside BOPs and Kelly cocks
    • Chock manifolds and Cocks
    • Mud/Gas Separator and vacuum degasser
    • Surface BOP Control system
    • Barrier Concept
  • Day 2
    • Well control incident, training and assessment
    • Primary / Secondary well control and Rig calculations
    • Hydrostatic pressure/ well barrier philosophy
    • Formation pressure and abnormal pressure
    • Circulating System
    • Loss of hydrostatic pressure and pumping slug
    • Causes of kick
    • Swab and Surge pressure
    • Kick Warning sign and first action
    • Kick indicators and first action
    • Trip sheet
    • Fracture pressure
    • Fracture pressure and MAASP
    • Top Hole
    • Gas cutting
    • Influx characteristic and behavior
    • Influx Migration
    • Subsea factors for surface candidates/Disconnecting Riser
    • Slow Circulating Rate
    • Risk Management

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