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IADC for Surface BOP Supervisor Level

IADC for Surface BOP Supervisor Level

Course Outline

  • Day 1 
    • Well barriers & standards for barriers
    • Well barrier elements and acceptance criteria 
    • Responsibilities for well control& well integrity 
    • Pressure calculations
    • Well control definitions & concepts 
    • API Recommended Practices and API Specifications
    • U-tube analogy for well pressure calculations 
    • Well control Equipmnet (BOP, Diverter, Flamges,Rings,Rams,etc…) 
    • Kick tolerance 
    • Kick causes, prevention & detection 
    • Warning signs. 
    • Shallow gas 
    • Well control preparation 
    • Well shut-in procedures & first actions. 
    • Practical - simulator overview and demonstration of well control load cases
  • Day 2 
    • Hydrostatic pressure and barriers
    • Gas behavior in WBM
    • Tripping procedures for well control point of view
    • Killing Methods 
    • Conventional well control procedures 
    • Unconventional well control procedures
    • Well control complications 
    • Compensating for Choke Line Friction ( for Subsea candidates)
    • Riser Margin ( for subsea candidates) 
    • Workshop - Driller's Method
    • Gas behaviors in OBM 
    • Difference between vertical and deviated well control 
    • Circulation 
    • Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulations
  • Day 3
    • Well control equipment Specifications
    • Well control equipment selection
    • Confirm shutting well in 
    • Well control while tripping  Stripping operations 
    • Deviated wells killing procedures
    •  Well control equipment installation 
    • Well control equipment testing 
    • Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulations with ‘unexpected’ events included.
  • Day 4
    • Killing procedure over view 
    • Case studies 
    • Worst situations while well control issues
    • The needs to shut the well faster 
    • PracticalAssessment test with simulator.
    • Group discussion 
    • When not involved with the practical assessments, participants will be completing quiz test. 
    • Self-Study (using question bank) to prepare for written examinations 
    • Course review and open discussion.

Refund policy

You can cancel your booking and refund your fees before course start date by 48 hrs.