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Sheaves 14 grooves

Tecno Meccanica Emiliana is be able to realize different types of Sheaves 14 grooves, for technical features and sizes.

It uses for the design the innovative FEM system for structural calculation.

Steels, only Italian origin, heat treated give the product excellent quality, durability and reliability in use.

Each Sheave 14 grooves that we realize, within the throat undergoes a treatment to improve wear resistance and to increase durability in time.

During the working cycle, Sheaves 14 grooves are subject to strict non-destructive testing, as ultrasound inspections and penetrant tests.

To ensure the final suitability of all the products, after every single processing we perform strict dimensional inspections.

All mechanical processes are performed at our factory.


An important feature of our Sheaves 14 grooves is to be formed completely from solid raw material, without resorting to the use of any welding processes.

This procedure ensures that each single Sheave 14 grooves present greater robustness and reliability, while also preventing defects and cracks at high stresses.


Features and benefits:

- Built with forged material of high quality and only Italian origin.

- Increased resistance to breakage and longer life.

- Hydrostatic testing and checks for integrity of the material.

- Heat treatments.

- Competitive prices.

Sheaves 14 grooves

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