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 Zigzag thread


Thread cutting retract naturally

■Zigzag thread structure

■Joint efficiency is 100% than pipe body strength

■Rerommended replacement of EU tubing

■High productivity

■Field repair friendly

■Good performance, for middle and low-pressure gas well


Tensile strength no less than pipe body yield strength
The thread profile with 3° on the load flank, which meets mechanical locking condition.
The thread critical section nearly equals to that of pipe body, thus the joint strength enhanced.

Excellent seal ability, gas sealing pressure equals to 100% internal yield stress
Thread designed with small clearance ( clearance between crest and root is 0.03mm ) minimizes the leakage path ( the clearance is 0.076mm for API round thread ).
Designed with optimized thread parameters and appropriate make-up torque, the distribution of contact stress between pin and box surface is reasonable, although the high pressure between pin and box but stress spreeds to contacts averagely, it improves the leakage resistance ability.

No galling after repeated make-ups and break-outs



Premium connection

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