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Enhance your well control training

 Enhance your well control training 

In response to the Mocondo and Montara well control incidents, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) formed three Global Industry Response Groups (GIRG’s) to address well control incident management through prevention, intervention and response respectively. The Wells Expert Committee (WEC) was established out of the Prevention GIRG to enhance well control incident prevention through better improvements in well engineering design and well operations across the oil and gas industry.

The Key Recommendations in OGP Report

  • Training on barrier management and risk management is included in well control training.
  • Training on well influx detection and immediate response is improved.
  • Training is adapted to better suit the well operations, rig type and role of person involved with a well operation.
  • Minimum levels of training are specified for personnel that may contribute to the avoidance of, response to, or mitigation of a well control situation.
  • Scenario or simulation based training is evolved and adopted to complement existing training.
  • General improvements are made to the technical content of the training syllabuses.
  • Learning, examination and certification processes are improved.
  • A more systematic auditing process is adopted to assure training goals are consistently achieved.
Enhance your well control training