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Deep water horizon

The disaster of the offshore drilling platform Deep Water Horizon is considered one of the worst economic disasters in history, due to the loss of human lives, which amounted to 11 people, due to the tendency of companies to profit quickly.

Causes of the accident:

1- Lowering pipes to a depth of 5000m using only 6 centers instead of 21 centers and the engineers of Halliburton Company recommended this before

2- The heterogeneity of the cement they put as a result of the pipes not being well centered within weakly bonded areas and allowing gas

3- She complied being prepared, proving his failure in such a matter.
4- Not conducting well measurements to ensure the safety and homogeneity of the cement and cement stone formed behind the casing pipes and the absence of leakage areas through them, and it was supposed to be carried out by a crew specialized in these measurements, but BP decided to save time and expenses

5- Misinterpretation of pressure measurements


These errors led to catastrophic results, wasting many lives, as it also destroyed marine life, and the company took care of all the losses, paying compensation amounting to 14 billion US dollars.
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Deep water horizon