NASP / Safety Awareness Courses / HAZWOPER Awareness

مخطط الكورس


  • Implement hazard and risk assessment techniques
  • Understand various hazardous materials terms
  • Determine appropriate levels of personal protective equipment for HAZMAT events
  • Perform control, containment, and confinement operations
  • Implement basic decontamination and termination procedures 
  • Differentiate between an emergency and non-emergency spill
  • Identify potential equipment, manpower, and other resources necessary to implement a spill response
  • Conduct proper response in the case of a spill, leak, or other type of pollutant discharge as well as reporting requirements to the various governmental entities

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Safety Awareness Courses / HAZWOPER Awareness الخميس اونلاين تفاصيل الكورس الحجز