التلعيب العملي للعمليات الصناعية

مخطط الكورس

  • Introduce you to practical industrial process control by using the concept of gamification
  • Help you identify relationships of the up, mid and down streams of the petroleum industry with the three (3) gamified petroleum industry applications provided
  • Enable you to easily understand the operations of key components across the petroleum industry
  •  Enable you handle an assumed control system ranging from the transducer, controller and actuator while receiving immediate feedback based on your actions
  • Expose you to critical soft and technical skills required by the petroleum industry
  • Connect your learning to real-world situation while testing your critical reasoning when challenged
  • Teach you how to systematically approach industrial challenges one step at a time
  • Helps you improve interaction and collaboration with your peers
  • Improve your employability status not just in the industrial sector covered but generally

تحميل الملف المرفق

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