Refining Blending

مخطط الكورس

  • Obtain a clear overview of processing background and how white products are produced and blended
  • Obtain a clear overview of fuel blending operations, blending principles, specifics and operations
  • Understand the blending impact on product quality and how to deal with quality giveaways, stability of blends and specification margins
  • Understand the importance of specifications, their limitations and how to ensure that the product is fit for purpose
  • Understand the role of additives and how additives are selected and used to meet the specification for different products and different markets
  • Interpret the laboratory results

تحميل الملف المرفق

عفوا , لايوجد مواعيد (محتوي او تواريخ او تفاصيل ) لهذا الكورس .