HVAC (PART2) with Revit MEP & Practical Projects

مخطط الكورس

  • Learn how to install a full free version of the Revit software 
  • Take an overview on the Revit interface 
  • Learn how to prepare the initial settings of the Revit project 
  • Learn how to link an architectural Revit project 
  • Learn how to handle the architectural ceilings and floors to be ready for the HVAC design 
  • Learn how to control the visibility graphics for any drawing of the building 
  • Design the diffusers system layout on the suspended ceiling 
  • Design the complete ducts system layout on the floor ceiling 
  • Learn some tricks and modifications on the ducts system design to overcome any interference in the design 
  • Create the spaces required for designing the HVAC project layout 
  • Create the tagging process for the spaces in your HVAC project layout 
  • Make all the required thermal loads calculations with the Revit software 
  • Design the required zones inside eLearn how to set the different mechanical settings for the ducting system 
  • Learn how to create the shared parameters required for the tagging process 
  • Learn how to use the different annotation tools required to complete the air system drawing 
  • Learn how to put the shop drawing on the final template and to print it 
  • Design the chiller system required to feed the project on the Revit software 
  • Design the piping system required for the chiller , the Air handing unit and the pump 
  • Learn how to make the sizing operation required for the each duct in the system 
  • Learn how to make the sizing operation required for the each pipe in the systemach floor to distribute the HVAC air system 
  • Analyze the thermal loads report out of the Revit 
  • Learn how to work on the different routing preferences for the ducting system

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