IADC WellSharp WellIntervention Comletion Operation

Course Outline

  • DAY1
    • Risk Awareness and Management :
    • Well Control Principles & Calculations
    • U-tubing
    • Barriers
    • Influx Fundamentals
    • Completion and Workover Fluids
    • Cont. Completion and Workover Fluids
    • Surface and Subsurface Wellbore Equipment
  • DAY 2
    • Cont. BOP component
    • Procedures
    • Use of valve removal plug (VR plug)
    • Well Kill in Preparation of Well Interventions
    • Explain the main differences between a normal forward circulation kill technique and a reverse circulating
  • DAY 3
    • Pump Startup and Shutdown Procedure
    • Special Situations
    • Demonstrate a detailed bull-heading example on a simulator. 
    • Demonstrate a detailed forward circulating (driller’s) method
    • Demonstrate a startup and shutdown procedure
    • Demonstrate how to maintain constant BHP when an influx is being circulated
  • DAY 4
    • Managing Change During a Well Kill
    • Cont. Managing Change During a Well Kill
    • Handling Kill Problems
    • Pressure Calculation Exceeding MASP
    • How MASP can be exceeded during
    • Organizing a Well Control Operation
    • Testing
    • Well Control Drills
    • Government, Industry and Company Rules, Order and Policies
    • Ancillary Considerations

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